Speed Racer Speed with Mach 5 Funko Funko Pop! Ride


The newSpeed RacerPop! Vinyls are here!

Speedis the main protagonist of theSpeed Racerseries. Known for his love of racing and his family,Speeddrives a range of cars, his main vehicle is the “Mach 5”.

TheMach 5sports buttons from A-G on the steering wheel, each with a different effect.

  • Button A, Auto Jack:releases four car jacks to boost the car to prepare for repairs.
  • Button B, Belt Tires:producing a special grip, which creates traction on any surface.
  • Button C, Cutter Blades:rotary saws which protrude from the front of theMach 5to move any obstructions in the cars path.
  • Button D, Deflector:Releases an indestructible deflector, which seals the cockpit. Button E, Illuminating Eye: Allowing you to see much further than normal headlights.
  • Button F, Frogger Mode:Allowing you traverse the underwater terrain unharmed.
  • Button G, Go Homing Robot:Releases a homing robot, which can do anything from carrying pictures and to X-ray film.

Packaged in a window display box, thisSpeed Racer with Mach 5Pop! Vinyl Figure measures approximately 3 3/4-inches tall.

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