Star Wars Clone Wars Bo-Katan Funko Pop! Vinyl


The all new Star Wars: The Clone Wars Funko Pop! Vinyl of Bo-Katan is finally here! This is a MUST HAVE for any fan of Star Wars and especially every fan of The Clone Wars: Animated Series!

When we first see Bo-Katan as a lieutenant in Death Watch, all we can feel is the betrayal that we know Satine, the Duchess of Mandalore, must have been feeling when she found out her own sister was a part of the terrorist group that wanted to undo her pacifistic teachings. Bo-Katan was then also involved in the plot to overthrow Mandalore and take over the planet as a part of the Shadow Collective. However, Bo-Katan then redeems herself when she refuses to recognise Darth Maul’s rule over the planet and contacts Obi Wan Kenobi to help formulate an escape plan for her sister, the Duchess. As one of the most interesting Mandalorian characters in Clone Wars, Bo-Katan would make a fine addition to any Star Wars Pop collection!

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